You're supposed to be helping us.

Please let me in.

Why didn't that work?

I planned a party for you.

Would you rather be blind or be deaf?

Is there any leisure in China?

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There were no temples or shrines among us save those of nature.

When are you going to Addis Ababa?

Joon doesn't remember too much about what happened that day.


Children are a blessing.

You can count on me for a one thousand dollar donation.

Do you know that man who is standing on the bridge?

I should do something.

It's nice meeting you.

I heard Gerard is sick.

I'm teaching myself to tap dance.

This book contains a lot of photos.

Alright, let's try to do this.

I don't want to lose face.

She advised him to lose weight.

I told myself I was in love with you.

Caleb started to say something, but didn't.


He will not help them, nor will I.

You bring me to life...

He is from some small town in Nagano.

A cordial greeting to your family.

I just said I didn't want to talk about it.


The teacher wrote English sentences on the blackboard.

He could no longer contain his impatience.

I want to stay.

Phil couldn't find a job he liked in Boston, so he moved to Chicago.

What's this got to do with you?

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I'll be going to Boston a few times this month for work.


My mom made this quilt for me.


They rarely go out.

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Alain thought you already knew.


What do you get if you cross a hedgehog and a snake? Five feet of barbed wire.


I'm from the East Coast.


Faith which does not doubt is dead faith.

He can speak not only English but also French.

I'm here to protect them.

Release him!

You never give up, do you?


Jim entered the room quietly so he wouldn't wake the baby.


Mason has three kids now.


The doctor said that grandmother is still very sick, but she's out of the woods.

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Colin is coming in on the next flight from Boston.

The bus stops at Hotel Iceland.

Who knows the answers?

If you don't know what kind of mushroom it is, better not take it.

Your shoes are here.

Property prices are going up.

Coleen stepped up to the microphone.

Let me think it over, and I'll let you know later.

Let me put it in another way.

I met with him today.

I'd really like to know what Angus's secret is.

Your system isn't suited to our company's needs.

What's Tony doing?

One weekend all of the hotels in the city were full because there was a large convention.

Regardless what he does, he does it well.

Their effort proved abortive.

Pay attention, because there will be difficulties.

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I'm on my way back home.

I'm not doing this anymore.

It's pretty light.

I loved talking with Tony.

Who trained the trainers?

He moved aside to let it pass.

Mikey works for an Australian company.


Shouldn't you be at home with your mother?


Vaccines are produced using chicken eggs.

Anne is desperate.

I want to go see a movie.

When are you going to tell them?

A tongue is the most venomous thing of all.


Suresh is an affluent man.

Jagath certainly didn't deserve the punishment he received.

As they say, you've got to strike while the iron's hot. You're not going to have another chance like this one.


I had a very strange dream.


"I am in the presence of the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come?" said Scrooge.

Jim is out of prison.

The grass is always greener.

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They know very little about my life before I met them.

This fear is understandable.

The first violins carry the melody.

I hate this school.

Where are the apples?

The store is having a sale today - buy one, get one free!

Love is beyond reason.


Stand at ease!

I always like wine and cheese.

The ship is unsellable.

If Shirley goes, I won't.

Roxanne had a hard time making a living in Boston.

Stu's health is improving.

It's amazing that we all didn't get killed.

Saqib wasn't willing to cooperate.

Juri is away on a business trip.

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Who complained?

That day really was very scary.

I'd prefer to die rather than see you crying.

Don't look so worried.

Considering the regional cooperation and good neighborly relations as pillars that guarantee peace.

I work for Laurianne.

She can speak Chinese, but she can't speak Mandarin.

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He has grown up to be a fine gentleman.

I was right about them.

I refuse to be called anything besides "Your Highness".

How do you think I felt?

Some roosters believe the sun rises for them.

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Is your best friend a man or a woman?


Wolfgang got her hair fixed.

I can't place her.

This is the first time I've ever mentioned Marika.

You made a wise choice.

I helped him yesterday.

Fred won the award for "Best Male Performance."

What's the rush?

Do whatever you like.

I guess I'm not that hungry.

I think you should go to college.

Nathan escaped with the briefcase.

Sarah has no idea how lucky he is.

Don't change because of someone. Be yourself and the right one will like you as you are.

She was merely stating a fact.

This feels right.

She was advised by him not to go there by herself.

The man suddenly struck me on the head.


Juliet grew a beard.


Kathy left early.


Does he speak Portuguese?


Hmmm, how shall I say this?

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I'm the one who called you guys.

Bring me a glass of water.

Once gold was less valuable than silver in Japan.

He took Bill swimming.

There are always tortilla chips left over when we finish the salsa.

You saw one once, didn't you?

She must have been a beauty when she was young.


This may be our only chance.

Tell me why you like Daniele better than me.

Roberta appeared at the door.

What are you hiding from me?

I believe Ronald can do that.

No one knows what has happened to him.

Lindsay fell asleep just as the movie started.


I'm waiting to hear from them.

Sal didn't eat breakfast this morning.

I've always wanted to travel around the world.


The teacher's young daughter was a beautiful blonde with big blue eyes.

I can't breathe through my nose.

It looks like it's going to snow tonight.

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There's no way I can catch Sonja.

I'll call on him tomorrow.

Flies high the cow and low the cattle, a twister does the farmyard rattle.

Stu's mother forced him to go outside even though he didn't want to.

I just need to see her.

That's my secret.

George is cleaning the pool.


I only need two more minutes.


The plane left after a three-hour delay.